January 5, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

From Best Friend to Husband

After a long, difficult past full of hurtful relationships, Marianne was extremely skeptical when her friend suggested she try Farmer’s Only. She had never tried online dating before, and had no intention of giving it a shot.

Shortly after her friend convinced her to sign up, she met Mark. For two years after meeting online they were strictly friends. After all she had been through, Marianne was sure that once she shared her true self with him, he would not want to be with her. To her surprise, his feelings never wavered.

At one point she ended up in a tough situation, and in getting through it realized just how much Mark loved her and how much he was willing to do for her. She never looked back after that!

For their first date they went to Walmart to try on all of the Halloween costumes. Marianne says she loves to laugh and have fun, and he’s the first man she met who’s willing to be goofy with her. He even put on a donkey suit just to make her laugh!

On top of his ability to make her laugh and willingness to embrace his goofy side, she says Mark “is a man of integrity. I trust him with my life, and that’s something many people never find. He also embraces me for who I am - pretty much everyone in my past wanted to change me in some way, usually the way I looked or my goofy sense of humor. He looks at me for who I am as a person, not for my appearance or anything superficial. He is selfless, giving, kind hearted, soft spoken, and so much more.”

Mark said that he can’t even begin to list his favorite things about Marianne because “there is too much to list!”

This October they said “yes” to forever together when they eloped on a friend’s farm. Mark’s daughter (whom Marianne affectionately refers to as her “bonus daughter”) walked her down the aisle, in front of an audience of four.

Marianne says Mark has “truly healed all the broken parts of my life,” and together with his daughter they have formed a wonderful and loving family. At the end of the day, she claims that “best friends really do make the best husbands!”