January 26, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

He Wrote a Song!

Nathan had never tried a dating website, but wanted to give it a shot. Being from the Midwest, he thought FarmersOnly seemed like the best fit.

After signing up he met Heather, and soon they were on their first date. In addition to dinner, they enjoyed betting each other on who could deliver the best April Fool’s joke. He says that on that day, he knew she was the one. After their date he couldn’t stop thinking about her!

Heather and Nathan got married surrounded by those they love, and a friend even got ordained to marry them. Nathan says it brought their families together, and they wouldn’t have done it any other way.

They love that they’re still best friends and love to play together. He says she’s a blast, and they just understand each other.

Nathan’s experience finding the love of his life even inspired him to write a song!

He explains, “In the song I wrote it says, ‘Will you marry me, wifey’, and that was Heather asking me. Before we met Heather got a fortune cookie that said ‘You and your wife will be happy in your life together’ and it has stuck. My wedding ring is even inscribed ‘Forever My Wifey’.”


I’ll admit I was out of practice

I was feeling a little ashamed.

So I joined me a website,

I was gonna step up my dating game.

Now she had a pretty profile,

We chatted night and day.

Then came the night,

We met up face to face.

April 1st was our first date,

I picked her up and she couldn’t wait.

And after wine and beers got drank,

Well that’s when she pulled her little prank.

In the middle of dinner showed up a plate,

With 5 little words I thought would wait.

Will you marry me wifey,

That date started our history.

Now here we are on our wedding day,

I’d say we’ve both come a long way.

It all started with a little advice,

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it twice.

You don’t have to be lonely, atFarmersOnly.com