January 19, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Instant Sparks

After leaving a physically and emotionally abusive 10 year relationship, Heather was scared to date again. Between seeing an ad for FarmersOnly and friends recommending it (knowing she likes hard working country boys) she finally decided to give it a try.

Nine short days later, she found the “love of her life”, Jason.

At the time they lived three hours apart, but Jason made the drive down to have lunch with her. Looking out over the river, they ate, smiled, and then smiled some more. “We liked all the same things. We had the same religious and political beliefs. I felt a spark right away,” Heather recalls.

Though she was already smitten, Heather knew Jason was the one when he asked her to help him find a farm to purchase. For three weekends in a row, she drove up to help with the search. At one point the realtor let it slip to Heather that Jason had told her, “whichever [farm] she likes, that’s what I’m buying.” That’s when she knew he was serious and truly wanted to be with her.

Three months after he closed on the farm, she moved in with him.

Jason’s love for Heather is clear in the way she gushes about him. “[He has] changed my whole life. He makes me smile every day and wants me to be with him everywhere he goes. [I’ve] never had that before. He is the most open, honest person I ever met. He gave me the password to his cell, and said that I could look at his phone any time I wanted.” Perhaps best of all, she says he washes dishes and clothes without being asked!

Jason shares that he loves the way Heather cares for him and that she is always smiling at him.

After all she’s been through, being with Jason has not only been a breath of fresh air, but is an answer to her prayers.