February 2, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

"It Was a Fairy Tale!"

After seeing commercials for FarmersOnly, Kirstie was drawn to the possibility of finding the love of her life.

She signed up and met Marcus, and in January of 2015 their story began.

For their first date he went over to her parents’ house, then took her out to dinner. “It was really nice!” Kirstie recalls.

When watching Marcus walk out of the front door made her cry, Kirstie knew there was something special about him and that their love was like none she had experienced before.

There came a time where each decided they needed to focus on truly finding themselves. They broke up and were apart for 6 months, after which they knew they needed one another and were destined to be together.

Kirstie and Marcus tied the knot in July of 2018 with a “country elegance” wedding. She describes it as “better than I could ever dream of. It was a fairy tale!”

Now they’re heading into 2020 expecting a sweet baby boy.

“I wouldn’t trade my life for anything,” Kirstie says. “I love this man with my whole heart, and I can’t believe we found each other on this site. It’s amazing!”

She also urges anyone hesitant to try FarmersOnly to take a chance on love. “Just try it! You never know, but don’tnottry something new because it scares you. It could be the greatest time of your life!”