February 9, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Ready for Love

A Farmer herself, Sylvia turned to FarmersOnly when she was finally ready to open her heart to love again after losing her husband of 37 years.

Though it took her a while to find him, she ultimately met Dave. After meeting online and deciding she was ready to move forward, she met up with him at a local restaurant for dinner. Guarding her heart and protecting herself, she didn’t even tell him her last name for six weeks!

Sylvia loves that they are both funny and loyal. She says that they smile all the time and even have people walk up to them in stores to comment on how happy they look! She also jokes that Dave wants everything to be perfect and planned, while she enjoys spontaneity, and to enjoy life’s humorous missteps.

To highlight this point, she shares, “[Dave] told me once, at a very inopportune time, that he wouldn’t get married again ‘until Hell froze over’. So, me being me, I called the city of Hell, Michigan, and asked when they expected to freeze over. They had so much fun with this! And now, poor Dave has to occasionally shake his head and say ‘only my girlfriend would think of these crazy things’!”

With that in mind, on Christmas Eve of 2018, after a few years together, Dave gave Sylvia a present she wasn’t expecting. When she opened the box, she saw a beautiful engagement ring. Her reaction? A “yes” and “oh my Heavens, farmer women do not need bling!”

Their wedding will take place on May 24, 2020, on Sylvia’s ranch. They will start the day with trap shooting in the morning. She teases, “How fun of a shotgun wedding will this be?!”

They will also enjoy snow cones, cotton candy, and great country food. As soon as they say their vows, they plan to join hands, turn to the crowd, and say “Thank you, FarmersOnly.com!”

Despite living only 28 miles apart, Sylvia says the two never would have crossed paths without help. She says if you are “truly country, take a chance that you might meet great people [on FarmersOnly], and enjoy the process.”