March 8, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

In Sickness and Health

Having grown up on a farm, and still tilling around 2,000 acres of corn, beans, wheat, and barley, while also tending to 7 chicken houses, Jeremy knew FarmersOnly was his best chance to find a partner who understood the long hours and dedication his lifestyle demands.

Roxy, on the other hand, did not grow up on a farm, but was no stranger to livestock and field work. “I knew the work ethic, dedication, and faith you need to be a farmer; to put your future and livelihood in the hands of God. I knew I wanted those qualities in a spouse.”

In March of 2013, the two met online.

For their first date they met at a gas station where Roxy jumped into Jeremy’s pickup, and he took her to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Afterward they went back to his place to watch a movie, after which he drove her back to her car. Roxy explains, “It definitely was not roses, chocolates, dinner, and a movie - because who has time for that in the middle of planting season?! It might not have been amazing for some women, but it was the start of the rest of my life and it was incredible!”

Jeremy says that he knew Roxy was the one when he ate the food she cooked for him. “I was in Heaven!”

He also recalls a day he realized “what a trophy” he had. The corn needed planting, so they got up early in the morning and she sat in the cab of the 4755 on the armrest with him all day long. “Those long days in the tractor turned into short blips of time. Later in the summer I proposed with a yellow zip tie on another day in a tractor.”

That September, 6 months after meeting online, they got married on a farm Jeremy’s family has tilled for years. They said their “I do’s” on the front steps of the beautiful home, then held their reception in the barn.

“Of course the colors were yellow and green, my husband’s first love,” shares Roxy. “His Peterbilt was in most of the pictures, there was a combine on our cake, and corn cob in my garter belt.”

While their early days were lighthearted and fun, they share that when entering a marriage, you have to be prepared for the tough times.

“Marriage is not 50/50! When one of you is having a rough time and they can only come 20, you have to be willing to go 80. And during some of life’s toughest obstacles you may have to go the whole 100,” Roxy explains.

In the 7 years since they first met online, they have dealt with Roxy falling deathly ill and being diagnosed with multiple life-limiting diseases. They lost a daughter, and had another spend 3 months in the NICU, 3 hours from home. They’ve dealt with miscarriage, a big move out of state (and back), hundreds of doctors appointments, and months of time spent in hospitals.

Through it all, they’ve remained a steadfast, supportive team.

“I’ll never give up,” he says. “I married Roxy for life - in sickness and health. We’ve had our tests at times, but I decided a long time ago that I will never stop. Most couples wouldn’t be able to make it through all we’ve been through, but here we are expecting our third little girl, all because we met on FarmersOnly.”