March 29, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Partners for Life

Mary and Don were no strangers to online dating. They had both tried other dating sites, but ended up crossing paths after giving FarmersOnly a try.

On October 31, 2015, after talking online for about a month, Don made the trip up to Wisconsin to meet Mary for their first date. She took him to Miller Park for lunch, followed by a microbrewery tour.

When asked what drew her to Don, Mary shares that he “was just different than all the others I dated. He was kind and funny! That morning of our first date he brought me all sorts of fun things that we had talked about, [including] circus peanuts and a peanut pumpkin.”

Don recalls just knowing that Mary was the right one. “It was a feeling!” He says his favorite thing about her is her love and kindness.

Mary was a little more skeptical. She loved his thoughtfulness and kindness from the beginning, but was waiting for him to change. After being together for a while she realized he wasn’t putting on an act, and those qualities are true to who he is.

The two were wed in Mary’s home in a small Valentine’s Day ceremony, surrounded by 30 friends and family members, with others attending via FaceTime.

Mary’s advice is to give FarmersOnly a try. “I truly tried them all and found the most real people on this site. There are still good ones left out there. It’s fun having a partner in this journey of life!”