April 19, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Just the Way You Are

After a friend encouraged her to try dating apps, Ruth decided to sign up for FarmersOnly because she thought she’d never meet anyone.

Much to her surprise, she met Joe. He was the only person she ever met up with from the site, and the rest is history.

The first time they saw each other in person, they had a morning coffee date. During that meetup he invited her to a bonfire later that night, knocking out two dates in one day!

It didn’t take long for them each to realize they had found their true match. After meeting, Joe says he immediately knew, and for Ruth it only took another couple of weeks to be sure.

Their relationship has flourished in part due to the fact that they genuinely accept each other for who they are.

“We don’t try to change the other and we accept each other’s quirks and love each other for them,” Ruth shares.

Though they had only officially met in person in July, by December the two were tying the knot in an intimate, simple wedding.

Ruth worked the midnight shift the night before the ceremony, and upon getting off work she went straight to get ready for her wedding.

A friend performed the ceremony in a local park, surrounded by a small group of their family members, including Ruth’s two wonderful sons.

It was the perfectly simple, quiet wedding they hoped for.

After pledging their love to each other, they went out to lunch, then enjoyed a “staycation”-style honeymoon at home.

While Ruth signed up for FarmersOnly thinking she’d never meet anyone, that decision has turned into a beautiful new family. This past fall, almost a year after saying “I do”, they welcomed a baby girl into the world, with plans for another in the coming years.