July 19, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

Love After Loss

Widowed and looking for love, Kere and Lou were each drawn to FarmersOnly after seeing it advertised on TV.

They had both lost their spouses due to illness and had given the last months of their spouses’ lives taking care of them, which had caused them to put their own feelings on hold for quite some time.

After meeting on the site, they decided to get together to meet face to face, in the fall of 2018. Due to the 2 ½ hour distance between their homes, they agreed to meet at a Cracker Barrel half way.

Lou brought his oldest daughter, Brittany, who was born with cerebral palsy and whom he takes care of. It was important to both of them for her to meet Kere that day as well.

“As soon as he walked up pushing Brittany in her wheelchair we gave each other a big hug. We ate and talked for 3 hours and when we left we knew we had chemistry and could not wait to see each other again,” Kere recalls.

They kept their relationship going at long distance for another 11 months, then decided it was time for Kere to move in.

On November 13, 2019, she made the move. Just a couple of weeks later they went to spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with Lou’s family. As everyone began to share what they were thankful for, Lou got down on bended knee and proposed.

On December 8, they met up with Kere’s brother and sister-in-law, as well as a couple of her nieces and some friends, for lunch after church. Her brother being a Baptist minister and their intended officiant, they were going to discuss wedding plans. A date hadn’t been set yet, and as they were leaving the restaurant she told her brother she’d keep him updated as to the date they selected.

Lou chimed in with “Why not today?”

While initially shocked, Kere thought about it for a moment and said, “Yeah! Why not today?”

She called her best friend to ask her to meet up with them at her brother’s church in just 4 hours. The best friend showed up with flowers for Kere and Lou’s daughter Brittany, Kere’s nieces took pictures, and her 90 year old mother joined the ceremony via video chat as the two became husband and wife.

Kere shares that she loves the dedication and love Lou has for his two daughters, and that it was the main thing that attracted her to him initially. “There is no doubt God gave him a loving heart,” she gushes.

Lou says he loves her smile, warmth, and sincerity.

“Our life is as beautiful a love story as that of any prince or princess,” Kere comments. “We may have met in our late 50’s, having loved and lost another person, but there is no doubt in my mind that God brought us together… for me to help him with his daughter, for him to give me hope and love myself again. I am so blessed and I truly want to thank [FarmersOnly] for giving people hope and love as well.”