November 15, 2020
By: Jerry Miller

More Than Luck

In late March of 2019, Becky decided to sign up for FarmersOnly in hopes of finding love.

Only six days later, she had a message from Jason.

After a couple weeks of talking online they began talking on the phone - then only about a week later Jason drove 250 miles to meet her in person for the first time, on Easter Sunday.

“I am a Family Consumer Science teacher and love cooking,” Becky shares. “I tried to impress him with my culinary skills [and made him a cake] - and it worked!”

After enjoying her homemade cake, they went out to a local bar and talked all night.

According to Becky, she realized he was special because he was “getting everything right when everyone was getting it wrong. He had class, humor, good looks, honesty, and told me the truth about his life which was what I would hope for. He didn’t send me any naughty pictures and was not trying to be inappropriate with me as many others did (not on FarmersOnly, but others).”

Not only did Jason check all of the personality boxes she was looking for, but he, like Becky, grew up on a farm in the Midwest, they were close in age, shared a similar sense of humor, and overall had very similar backgrounds. “It was like finding my missing puzzle piece! I fell in love with him in about 5 weeks and we haven’t looked back.”

Since the two fell in love Becky has moved from her home in Illinois to be with Jason in Iowa to close the four hour gap between them.

Becky and Jason plan to tie the knot in March of 2021 at Jason’s home church in Iowa.

While some may call it luck that they found each other so quickly after she signed up for FarmersOnly, they consider it meant to be. A few months before she signed up, Jason had seen Becky on another site, and had even screen shotted her profile! When he saw her on FarmersOnly he knew he had to reach out.

“It seems like it was meant to be that he saw me multiple times and I was on his radar!” Becky gushes. “He would never have been on mine because I limited my mileage to date more local.”

When asked about her advice for others considering giving FarmersOnly a try, Becky said that she had tried seven different sites, and “FarmersOnly was by far the best of them all. The site is easy to navigate. The quality of people was much better, the site has reasonable guidelines, and I felt that it was reasonably priced. I would say you should be prepared for a more honest group of people who aren’t there to ‘BS’ and play around. I wish I had tried it sooner, but then maybe I wouldn’t have met Jason!”