January 3, 2021
By: Jerry Miller

Soul Connection

Hoping to avoid casual hookups and surface-level relationships, Matt joined FarmersOnly. He felt that it was his best opportunity to meet a genuine, down-to-earth woman with whom he could share his life.

Before long, his hope turned into reality, when he met Angelika. They discovered that they had a great connection and wanted to see where the relationship could go.

For their first official date Angelika made the trip from her home in New York to Matt’s place in Michigan. She and her dog spent three days with him at his home on a beautiful lake, taking long drives, shooting targets, and spending the evenings by the fireplace.

On the first night of her stay, the two were talking about what they wanted out of life. “As we looked into each other’s eyes she smiled, and there was a warmth in that smile that stirred in me a joy I had never before known. From that moment, I knew she was the woman I wanted to give everything I am to,” Matt shares.

The couple plans to make their lifelong commitment official in a simple ceremony in the backyard of their Michigan home.

“I can say with confidence that our favorite thing about each other is the level we’re able to connect on, it’s a soul level,” Matt explains. “We share so many of the same goals and values, and we have so much love and admiration for one another.”

Matt’s advice for anyone considering giving FarmersOnly a try is that “FarmersOnly offers you genuine, honest people. I won’t say I never would have met Angelika, but if it hadn’t been for FarmersOnly, the odds would have been slim indeed. FarmersOnly was the catalyst that brought us together.”