April 18, 2021
By: Jerry Miller

Faith and Love

Being a conservative woman, Chanel was hoping to find a conservative country man to spend her life with. She was drawn to FarmersOnly in hopes of finding someone whose values matched her own.

She gave it a shot and met Galen.

She knew Galen was the man for her after he stayed in her town for a few days, during which time he helped repair a sink, dryer, and light in her home.

Chanel’s favorite thing about Galen is that he is able to stay calm even in stressful situations and that he is very kind.

On April 13, 2019, Chanel and Galen became man and wife.

“My goal for the wedding was to bring glory to God through the ceremony,” Chanel shares. “My hope was that the ceremony would remind others of how good and gracious God really is.”

Her suggestion for anyone hesitant to sign up for FarmersOnly is to “at least give it a try.” She also suggests exercising caution when meeting anyone in person. “Always meet in a public place. Use your sixth sense - if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t!”

She also advises that any singles looking for a Christian spouse pray that God will allow you to meet the right person. “Ask God for wisdom in choosing a mate. If God wants you to marry, trust Him and know that He WILL provide a spouse for you.”