August 8, 2021
By: Jerry Miller

Long Distance Love

Emily, a small town girl with an interest in farm life, decided to give love a chance and download a dating app. She settled on FarmersOnly, but told herself she would only keep her account for 30 days.

Throughout those 30 days she had men reach out to her, but nothing went anywhere. On her final day on the site she noticed a profile that caught her eye. “He looked handsome as ever,” she says, “and I just had a gut feeling something good was coming from it.”

They continued talking off-site and a conversation that was supposed to only last a few weeks turned into a few months, which turned into a year.

What makes their story unique, however, is that while Emily is in Ohio her boyfriend is stationed in Hawaii, where he serves in the Army.

Emily shares that throughout the first year she and David both grew a lot. “We are both very spiritually grounded individuals who are passionate about Jesus. With our core values being the same we knew God was involved in all of this.”

After 14 months of not being able to see each other in person, David and Emily finally got to meet. They met up in New York and the moment Emily saw him coming down the escalator she “knew instantly it was right.”

Throughout their first visit together they enjoyed late nights talking and enjoying the beautiful night sky, but their funniest moment was when Emily came downstairs the first morning to discover that David’s family was sitting around the kitchen table! She was not expecting them to be there, so “day two met his family in my pajamas, messy hair, and glasses.”

When asked about what she would say to someone considering trying FarmersOnly, Emily’s advice is to “take the risk because it will be worth it in the end.”