Dec 9, 2014

I told my dad and he met someone on FarmersOnly!

My 69-year-old dad lives in rural Oklahoma and has been divorced from my mother for over 30 years. In late 2013, I saw a commercial for FarmersOnly at home in Austin, TX, and told my dad about it.

Unbeknownst to me, he created a FarmersOnly account and after a couple months, he met a lovely woman with her own farm just 10 miles away!

I haven't seen him this happy in years! He never thought he'd find a woman who liked to get her hands dirty on the farm and had a similar sense of humor, especially at his age, and here he's found one clearly cut from the same cloth.

He proposed after Thanksgiving and they plan to have a small, intimate wedding in the coming months!

Thought I'd share this lovely story of genuine connection.



Dec 25, 2014

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from

Dec 4, 2014

Rose says thank you to FarmersOnly

I want to say thank you to FarmersOnly, I have found the right one, we both were looking for that special someone, and found each other right here. I will be moving to join him, he is outstanding in every way. I never thought a guy like him would come into my life. I feel very blessed, and I thank for being here. We have so much in common. I have never been more happy. Thank you. -Rose

Nov 30, 2014

Brady & Reinah met and married thanks to FarmersOnly!

Brady and I met on your site. It was an instant connection and 9 months later we are still together and planning our marriage. Brady has 2 boys and is 37 and I have 3 children and I'm 36. He is a diesel mechanic that is self employed and I'm a operating room nurse that loves my family and horses. Thank FarmersOnly for helping us find each other, we couldn't be happier!!!!-Brady & Reinah

Oct 1, 2014

I met the love of my life on FarmersOnly! -Emily

I met the love of my life on FarmersOnly. It's almost been 7 months we have everything in common. We both love country music, fishing, and hunting. We both are country folks and love camping. In a year in a half we will be getting married. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He treats me like an angel and is always there for me. He's my best friend and soul mate all in one. We are in love. I found my redneck romeo, my dream is fulfilled and I can't wait to start a family with him. Thank you! -Emily

Oct 10, 2014

Murray and Andrea found a lifemate on FarmersOnly!

"I am thrilled to let you know that I have met my life mate on farmers only. We met April 24th,2014. She is from New Brunswick and I am from Ontario which is over 1000 km apart. Regardless of the distance we quickly formed a loving relationship and were married on September 27th,2014. Thank-you Farmers Only. We would not have met without your dating site." -Murray and Andrea

Sep 4, 2014

FarmersOnly would like to say congrats to John & Ms. Wonderful! would like to say congrats to John & Ms. Wonderful! May your years be filled with love and happiness. :)

Aug 6, 2014

I found my cowgirl, it was love at first sight! Thanks to FarmersOnly

I just wanted to say to thank you so much, I found my cowgirl and we are officially a couple may God bless you for your kindness. Thank you again, our first date was the 1st of August, it was love at first sight! -Don

Aug 23, 2014

Rachel’s family joked with her to join FarmersOnly and now she’s engaged!

My family joked about that I should join this site so I did. I recently got engaged to a wonderful man on here. So blessed and happy. Great site. -Rachael

Aug 27, 2014

Two couples met somewhere by chance and were shocked that FarmersOnly both helped them find their match!

I met my match on your site, we've been dating since January and couldn't be happier. The other day, we met another couple by chance and they asked how we met. I giggled, on! They squealed and both hollered at us "We did too!!! Oh my gosh!!!" It was awesome to hear their success story as well and they met about the same time we did. We're now gonna hang out and double date! I just wanted to say thanks so much. As a busy working mom of two teens, I couldn't have ever met Greg on my own. He contacted me first and am so thankful he reached out. -Britt

Jul 20, 2014

Beverly found the man of her dreams on FarmersOnly!

I have recently found the man of my dreams, and we have decided to move in together. Thank you for all your help. -Beverly

Jul 8, 2014

Danielle is so thankful for FarmersOnly and decided to play the site’s song on their wedding day!

I had a friend of mine tell me in a joking way you should try FarmersOnly and see if you could find you someone on there cause she had seen the commercial on tv. I had already been on Christian mingle and had no luck cause they wanted other things then a real relationship. Well about a week went by and I decided I would try FarmersOnly for month. Well when I did I talked to a couple of guys on there and then one day I emailed this one guy it was like the middle of October and he emailed me back well we got to talking back and forth. We then started dating and now we are engaged. Come to find out he is a Christian I am Christian we both have children. We are looking for the same things in life. He had just joined farmers only about two hours before I emailed him.. We both know on out hearts that God had put us together for a reason. My son really loves him. He is wonderful with my son. We are getting married on October 10th 2014. I wanted to write FarmersOnly to let y'all know that I am thankful for y'alls website. I also wanted to let you know that everyone I tell my story to gets such a kick out of it. I have referred many of single friends to your website too. God is going to be first in our marriage. I also wanted y'all to know that your theme song is gonna be played some time at our wedding we just don't know where at yet. All of our friends and family sing it all the time when we get together. Thanks! -Danielle

Jul 19, 2014

FarmersOnly helps Logan find her boyfriend!

I would just like to thank you for helping me find my boyfriend we talked for almost 3 months on here then we started texted and talking on the phone then we started skyping. He lives 4 hours away he has came to see me twice and he spent last weekend with me he actually asked if I wanted to move in with him next year when he graduates from college and if we are still together. I think we will be because we have so much in common it is wonderful! Thank you! -Logan

Jul 7, 2014

Got a case of the Mondays?

Jul 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July! -FarmersOnly

Jul 8, 2014

Jaralyn found her man on FarmersOnly and got married!

Thank you FarmersOnly! I was on and I did find a very special someone. He lived in California and I lived in Idaho. I never thought I would get to meet him. We talked for hours on the phone and one day he asked me to meet him in Salt Lake City, Utah. We then met up had dinner and hit it off. We later found ways to talk to each other and meet in Vegas. He even came to Idaho in major winter storm to see me. After he came over 1000 mile to see me again I knew that he was something very special. We got married March 29, 2014 This year. I met a great man. Thanks for Helping me find my dream man. -Jaralyn

Jul 9, 2014

Kathleen says, FarmersOnly brings a wonderful man into her life!

I just wanted to tell you that the man who I met on this site is the man I am going to marry. was like the last hurrah for me because I hadn't had any success with a couple other dating sites I had used. Your site has been awesome; thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful man into my life! -Kathleen

Jul 23, 2014

Kathy found FarmersOnly the best dating site as she met and connected quickly with her fiance, Don!

Thanks to, we met and connected very quickly. I had been divorced for 33 years and even though I had tried other dating websites on and off over a period of years, was my last ditch effort to connect with someone. My fiance, Don, had been alone for several years also and had tried other dating sites, too. I believe it was a God thing, because I had been praying about having a husband to spend the rest of my life with and God answered that prayer, even though I had little faith that it would actually happen! Thanks, for being there! -Kathy

Jul 8, 2014

Kayla met her perfect match on FarmersOnly and says she’s happy she made the choice to sign up!

So happy I made the choice to sign up with FarmersOnly! I met a great guy and we have had one date and many more already planned out for the future. We are a perfect match so far and I'm excited to think I might have found a true keeper. :) Thank you for making this dating sight! -Kayla

Jul 8, 2014

Sue and Mitch left FarmersOnly happy as they found each other on the site and now coming up on their first wed anniversary!

I would like to add to your success stories. I meet Susan here back in April 2012, we hit it off immediately, and 6 months later I asked her to marry me on New Years Eve at midnight. she said yes and on September 15, 2013 Sue and I got married and we are coming up on our first anniversary. Thank you guys so much for helping us find each other. so I am happy to say that we no longer need the service of your site, thank you again, and we look forward to a long and happy marriage. Thanks again -Mitch

Jun 18, 2014

Priscilla met a wonderful man thanks to FarmersOnly!

John is the most wonderful, kindest, smartest, best man and, like my Salvation, I got what I didn't deserve. -Priscilla

May 12, 2014

Bonnie and Drew met on FarmersOnly and after a year of dating, they built their own family!

I signed up for a one month membership in 2013 not expecting much. I had joined other more expensive sites in the past with no luck. After only about a week of being on this site I starting talking with Drew . We exchanged numbers and started calling each other and would talk all hours of the night. We finally decided to meet at a public place halfway between us as we are from two different states. We've been inseparable ever since and I even moved to pa with him. In June 2014 we will be welcoming our first child together, a daughter!-Bonnie & Drew

May 15, 2014

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May 14, 2014

Mike met the one he wants to marry on FarmersOnly!

I had been on other online dating sites and had several dates, over a 2 year period. I have lived in the country and farmed most of my live. Lost my wife in 2001. I was ready to give up. What I found out very quickly, after putting myself on FarmersOnly, that there is a big difference in city ladies and country ladies.The first date I had off FarmersOnly, we found each other. We are so happy and have so much in common that we are getting married on July 28 2014. I am 69, she 67, don't tell me we are to old to have fun! -Mike & Donna

Apr 6, 2014

Cara says, never she would find a great guy unless she tried FarmersOnly!

Thanks for your site met my guy here on this site a year ago...probably never would have found such a great guy unless I tried this site. -Cara

Apr 18, 2014

Happy Easter! -FarmersOnly

Apr 7, 2014

James thanked FarmersOnly after he met the one he is now engaged with!

I have found love on this web page and we are engaged it be marred I want to thank your web site farmers only and the people that made the web site happen.-James

Apr 1, 2014

Lisa found her Mr. Right on FarmersOnly and a friend of hers has joined too!

I found Mr. Right-for-me, on FarmerOnly!! We are actually having a shop built for him at my place (started yesterday) and he is moving down soon! Consider me a happy happy, in fact that I talk about finding Mr Right and at least one other person has joined.-Lisa

Apr 28, 2014

Sandra met a man on FarmersOnly miles away but worked out the distance!

I cancelled because I found someone on last December – we are still together!

One thing for me is that the only reason (we) the guy I met thru the site was because both of us were on the site at the same time. We hadn’t connected prior to then, even tho the two of us were on the site since August (him) and October (me), because we both had to be on the site looking at the same time. The reason for that was because I’m 250 miles from his residence and he was looking for someone within a 200 mile radius. The whole connection was timing. So . . . that said, people might be missing each other due to distance, so people should maybe put in a longer distance than they are willing to travel, but be open to it regardless. Distance can be an issue, but it can also be worked out. For us, 50 miles farther to meet wasn’t so bad. So bottom line really is actually with members not willing to “go the distance” to maybe meet someone who would be right for them. Neither of us really understands how the connection with us came about, but that’s what we figured out. -Sandra

Apr 2, 2014

Stacey met her match on FarmersOnly and got married in six months!

My now husband and I met on FarmersOnly. We started exchanging e-mail in late August, got engaged at Christmas, married this March. I moved to another state for him. What a great match!- Stacey

Apr 8, 2014

Wes and Chelsea met on FarmersOnly, got engaged after nine months, and got married the next year!

Wes and I met on in March of 2013. The first email he sent me read "Will you marry me? Lol jk you sound like a cool girl!" I didn't say yes that time but it got us to talking!With nearly 300 miles between us, him being an over the road trucker and me farming it didn't leave us much time to meet up. But we made it work and man was it worth it! Nine months after our first date he proposed and we are getting married June 21, 2014!! -Chelsea

Mar 24, 2014

Amber Leigh was thankful for FarmersOnly as she met the man she will marry in June!

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your site. In 2010 I signed up, and in Sept 2010 I started emailing with a man on here. In Oct 2010 we met. Things were going so well. When it came time for me to move in July 2011 I moved to be closer to him. We are currently engaged, and last week I sent out our wedding invitations. We are getting married this JUNE!! So a big thank you for bringing us together, I am looking forward to spending forever with him. -AmberLeigh

Mar 18, 2014

Dennis and Annie met on FarmersOnly and now are getting married!

My fiancé and I met on your site approximately 1 year ago. We are getting married on June 21st in Manteno IL. We cannot express how happy we are to have met on the site and found each other. We have been together now for over a year and have two Australian Shepherds and get a laugh every time we see the commercial with the Aussie talking. Thank you so much for allowing us to meet. -Dennis & Annie

Mar 17, 2014

Emily thanked FarmersOnly after she met Tim and now the love of her life!

I met Tim the love of my life in here. We went on our first date and everything clicked we both listen to country music we both hunt and fish like having bonfires and going off roadin back roadin and mudding. Hes a sweetheart and a gentlemen I couldn't ask for anything better he treats me like a princess. I am soo glad I met him on here. Thanks FarmersOnly!- Emily

Feb 23, 2014

David Sparks with interviews

David Sparks with interviews founder Jerry Miller.Click here to listen!

Feb 11, 2014

Ian and Amy tried other sites with no success but found each other on FarmersOnly, now a happily married couple!

I would like to share our story with you. Last April, Ian and I met on

and this January we were married. I am so grateful for the idea of the site, as is he. We had both tried other dating sites and found no success with the types of individuals we were being paired with. We met and fell in love almost instantly.I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you from two very satisfied customers. :-)-Amy

Feb 6, 2014

Tom and Dean say they found what they were looking for on FarmersOnly!

My name is Deanna and I met Tom on at the end of April, 2013 and we couldn't be happier. I found him to be pretty far away (145 miles) but he had so many things in common with me that I felt I needed to contact him. So that is what I did. I sent him an email stating that I was aware of the distance between us but I thought since we both had so much in common it was worth going out on a limb. We sent a couple of emails back and forth to test the waters. We then decided to meet and go for a hike at Dogwood Canyon. We walked and talked. He was so easy to talk to. I felt like we knew each other already. We laughed and talked for about 4 hours on our first date. We went on about 4 dates before we ever kissed. He was such a gentleman. Now we camp even through the winter. We have yet to fight. It was so nice to meet Tom through because I had used other sites and found a few crazy folks and a few folks who really weren't themselves (if you know what I mean). Thank you for making it an affordable way to meet. We both found what we were looking for on

Jan 29, 2014

Kate found love at first sight and I saw him on Farmers Only!

I believe in love at first sight and I saw him on Farmers Only!-Kate

Jun 14, 2013

I started talking to a wonderful lady last May on FarmersOnly. With four hundred miles between us I used to joke and say "the only two things standing between me and you are one time zone and the entire state of Tennessee." Now she is my fiance and we plan to get hitched in August! I am so thankful to have her in my life, and I am a better man for it. -Jonathan

Jun 14, 2013 has published their annual list of the 100 Brilliant Companies of the year and this year in their "Rural Life" section was listed! See here toward the bottom of the page:

While you are there check out the KUSA flip flops where you have 'The sensation of walking barefoot on grass. Anywhere! Anytime!' If only they had ones that made you feel like you have fresh mud between your toes at all times...

Jun 18, 2013

James and Melanie end up getting married after they met on FarmersOnly!

James and I met on We started emailing through the website in October of 2012. Our wedding is now coming up on June 29, 2013! I moved from Idaho to South Dakota to be with my farmer! -Melanie

Nov 19, 2013

New #OOHcampaign from @farmersonly!

Have you seen the new#OOHcampaign from@farmersonly?? Check it

— AllOver Media (@allovermedia)November 19, 2013


Aug 8, 2013

Carl and Carolyn thanked FarmersOnly for providing an avenue for people to meet and find their soul mates!

"We were both new to FarmersOnly. Bearly a week. I was on another "site" and feeling creeped out and altogether disgusted and as I was closing my profile down there a banner from FarmersOnly popped up and I thought "I like farmers". So I clicked on it. Wasn't there long when Carl sent me a flirt and then a message saying he thought we might have more in common than I may think. So we started talking and we each realized we may have found our perfect soul mate. We started emailing and texting. We met for the first time a month after we began talking. No marriage proposal YET! I think it is just a matter of time. Thank you so much for providing this avenue for real people to meet and maybe find their soul mates." -Carolyn & Carl

May 2, 2013

Joe and Susan’s conversation on FarmersOnly end up being a happily married couple!

"I met Joe through FarmersOnly in July 2012. I was in KY and he lived in MD. We got engaged a month later and married in October 2012. I moved to MD with my children and we are expecting one of our own this summer. Yes, it was all very fast and that doesn't work for everyone, but we knew from the first conversation we were in love. Love at first sight really does exist after all." -Susan

May 2, 2013

Micka met Pete on FarmersOnly and get married!

"Thank you FarmersOnly! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have met my farmer. I felt suck in Chicago for many years and knew I wanted to meet that someone special AND to live a rural life on a farm. FarmersOnly helped me realize both of those goals. Pete was one of the first farmers who contacted me. After about a year and a half of riding Amtrak to and from my little piece of rural we finally decided to get the barn of course!" -Micka

Apr 18, 2013

Ken says, he found the woman of his everything on FarmersOnly!

I sent a flirt, "If I blew you a kiss would you send one back?" Within minutes she did! She and I started talking right away and it has been over a month now. She is the most beautiful, most amazing woman I have ever met...she is everything to me! I am so thankful for her. Thank you FarmersOnly! -Ken

Apr 18, 2013

Nicole never imagined falling in love so deeply with the man she met on FarmersOnly!

"I enrolled in FarmersOnly in November 2012. I never imagined to fall so deeply in love with the man that I now call my love. Jim is a wonderful guy, funny, charming and most of all the man of my dreams." -Nicole

Apr 5, 2013

Sarah says, she met the love of her life on FarmersOnly!

"Met the love of my life on this site, I always heard of soul mates but never knew they existed until now. I am moving 3 hours away next month to start my fairytale story with my Farmin' Prince Charmin'! I can't thank you enough for the site and bringing us together!" -Sarah H.

Mar 8, 2013

J. Jones found his true love on FarmersOnly and finally tied the knot!

"I just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the help in finding my true soul mate. I met the most wonderful lady in the world thanks to FarmersOnly. She is everything that I had hoped & wished for plus more! She is the perfect match for me. We met online on your site in May 2012 and we tied the knot in Nov. 2012. It was so refreshing to find a site that had people on it that shared the same interest in country life."-J.Jones

Feb 22, 2013

Chelsea met the farm boy of her dreams on FarmersOnly!

"I thought he was handsome, and closer to home than some of the others. I emailed him then thought he must not have been interested. Eventually he had a few minutes in between haying and we got talking. We met after a few weeks and the rest is history. He's definitely the farm boy of my dreams, and he loves having a girl that will run tractor, clean corrals and love him till the cows come home! Thank You FarmersOnly!!" -Chelsea

Feb 21, 2013

Leslie couldn’t believe she had to get on FarmersOnly to meet her husband!

"I was contacted by Jay and was instantly impressed! I had just had a bad breakup and signed up for FarmersOnly as a way to try to get over my last relationship. I pretty much ignored all the other flirts and emails that I received from people on FO, but Jay was so persistent and didn't give up on me. The best part is, we are from the same hometown, what a coincidence! Even though we both live in a different state now, we are planning to move back home once we are married to farm on his family farm. Our wedding is in 5 months, and I just feel so blessed. Who knew- I grew up in the same town as the love of my life, and I had to get on the internet to meet him! Thank You FarmersOnly!"-Leslie

Jul 13, 2012

Jim was happy to meet Janet on Farmersonly!

Met Janet on your site and we hit it off rite away and were making plans.  She likes the farm and the animals.Thanks,


Feb 25, 2012

Linda found her husband by joining FarmersOnly!

What a wonderful site!!! May, 2012 is when we will be getting married! Ron and I started chatting April 2009 on

, deciding that we wanted to meet came soon after! We have been dating for 20 months, then Ron asked me to marry him!!! He is such a wonderful, caring man and I feel so fortunate and blessed to have him in my life!!Thank you!!


Dec 23, 2011


"The idea is simple. Farmers and ranchers, male and female, have the need to meet eligible singles just like their city counterparts. Yet out in the country, socializing is a little tougher, things spread out as they often are, farmers and ranchers working long hours as they often do, with little time for dating." Read more from the Foster City Patch here:

Jul 14, 2011

Nick had to try numerous other sites until he found Jodi Lyn on FarmersOnly and now heading to their wedding day!

I first came upon this site looking for to find that special someone. I had tried numerous other sites with no luck. I drive truck and that really made it hard but it did give me a larger area for searching for someone.

I was about to end my subscription and thought I would look one last time at who was online. I looked thru and I found a wonderful gal by the name of Jodi Lynn who was online. I liked what she wrote on her profile and the picture of her sitting on the hood of the tractor was cute! I sent her a message hoping for a reply. I sure did! She took a chance on replying to my message even though I was 700 miles from where she lived. After a few emails we started talking over the phone. We met each other a couple months later.

We started seeing each other once a month several months and then I started coming stoping by with the truck on the way to and from the east coast. Eventually, I started spending my time off there with her.

Fall of 2010 we were out in the woods at her place checking trail cams since we both love hunting and the woods and I gave her the surprise of her life! I proposed to her right there in the woods, her favorite place! She said yes!

We moved in together this winter and are currently planning our wedding this October of 2011, in the woods!


Apr 21, 2011

Emily met a man on FarmersOnly she is set to be married in April!

We met on farmers only in January of 2009 and hit it off right away. We are both dairy farmers and are now going to milk jerseys together for the rest of our lives. We are set to be married in April 2011.


Apr 21, 2011

Julie believed that FarmersOnly was a Godsent to her for meeting a man she loves now!

Farmersonly was truly a godsend to me. I have found the man who I have always needed. A hard working, fun loving farmer who enjoys life just like me. I have never been so happy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Feb 18, 2011

Amy met her husband on FarmersOnly and now living happily married!

I met my husband on this site. We started talking in late October 2010 and got married February 18 2011. I would have never met him if it weren't for this site. He is the farmer that every farm girl dreams of.

I talked to the owner of this site at the National Farm Machinery Show...what a great person!!

Thanks so much!!


Feb 15, 2011

FarmersOnly connects farmers and down-to-earth singles!

"A website I couldn’t help but share today, Valentine’s Day, whose sole purpose is to connect farmers and down-to-earth singles. It’s called

and was started by Jerry Miller in 2005." -

Fred Gerendasy

Read the full story here:

Jan 9, 2011

After Matt and Kimi’s success story, they couldn’t help but tell all their single country friends that FarmersOnly is the place to look!

Matt and I talked online and via text and cell phone for a while before meeting up in person for our very first date. Sparks flew! We both realized that very night that we were in love and had met the person God intended us to spend the rest of our lives with! Turns out we had actually met back in college but had never clicked.Now we're planning an April 2011 wedding and tell all of our single country friends that this site is THE place to look!

Thank You!


Oct 22, 2010

Monica has no plan of trying the dating scene on FarmersOnly but ends up meeting a man she’s marrying in October!

My grandmother passed away May 23rd, 2009. That summer I "asked" grandma find someone who I can love and would love me equally in return. In August, something made me try farmersonly. I had no intention of trying the dating scene again, though. I guess I clicked on Alan as he sent me a message the next day. We emailed, we talked, and after some convincing from Alan, we met. We went out for a second date the next night! Our wedding is October 2010!


Oct 4, 2010

Tim and Janet thanked FarmersOnly for bringing them together!

I was told about your website by my brother-in-law.  About a week after I posted my profile I recieved a flirt from Tim. We had an immediate connection since we had so much in common. We met on your website on Dec 15 2005. Tim & I were married on Oct 2, 2010. We have you to thank for bringing us together. We would never have met without your website. We lived 6 hours apart. The four and a half years of were dating with the lond drive, but Tim is such I wonderful man. We are truly happy & in love. Thank you!


Sep 16, 2010

FarmersOnly is indeed a place for single outdoor enthusiasts!

My husband Darin and I met on your site last January and wed June 4th 2010. We have been happily married and living on our farm in IL. Ever since.Thank you for providing a forum for single outdoor enthusiasts.Sincerely,


Jun 24, 2010

Jason and Elise met on FarmersOnly and get married!

My wife Elise and I started talking online in Feb of 2009.Just small talk and about schooling. Then we decided to Exchange phone numbers. We talked on the phone and decided to meet. We met a Perkins in Oshkosh for the first time. I new there was something special about this women. Ever since then we talked just about every day. Our relationship grew and so did our love. Her family didnt like me at first but we stuck threw it and now they do. My family dosnt like her and never realy will. We got married June 24 2010. A very Happy day for both of us. We have over come many trials andobstaclesthat havetriedto tear us apart. But our love has only gotten stronger. We like to say we havebeento hell and back. Every day I am thankful for the women in my arms!! Thank you so much!


Mar 25, 2010

Elizabeth met Reed on FarmersOnly but had to go on a long-distance relationship but ended up as an engaged couple!

I had joined

because I was looking for a man who enjoyed doing things outside. I thought a farmer would be perfect. After a couple of months I ran across Reed\'s profile. I clicked on it, but I lost my internet connection. I tried to find his profile again, but I didn't have any luck. The next day he messaged me. We talked online for a couple of weeks. We then started talking on the phone. We met in person on July 14, 2007. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years. Last year I finally found a job where he lives, so we decided I should move. We got engaged this January. I was right, a farmer was what I was looking for!


Feb 13, 2010

Andy and Rita believed that they never found each other if it wasn’t FarmersOnly!

Actually, we are already married. We met on here and had our first date, Feb. 13 2007. We were married Feb. 13, 2010. We are so happy that you have this website, we would of never found each other if it wasn't for you! We are registered jersey dairy farmers and love this lifestyle. Thanks again!

-Andy and Rita

Oct 3, 2009

Lori says, she would be forever grateful to FarmersOnly for meeting her husband on the site!

John and I signed up within days of each other in early June 2008.  I was BlondeIDgirl and he was ModernDay Cowboy!  He was the first person to respond to my profile.  I knew from the moment I saw his profile and read everything about him that he was someone I wanted to get to know.  We talked for 3 weeks and then he flew out to see me in Idaho!  From that moment on, we saw each other every month and he proposed on Valentines Day February 2009.  I moved to Ohio in June 2009 and left my teaching job and family to be with him, so we could start our life together.  We married October 3rd, 2009 and have been happily married for a year now with a son that was born on October 4th, 2010!  Everything about our relationship worked out perfectly and I truly feel like it was a God Thing bringing an Idaho girl and an Ohio boy together by using your site!   I am forever grateful to you for your site because without it I may have never met my husband.  Thank you again for having this amazing site!  I am forever grateful to you and your site!


Jan 14, 2008

Tom and Sonya’s success story proved that FarmersOnly is a place to find your match!

Tom and I met on Farmersonly in May of 2006. We talked through email until December of 2006 then we met and have been dating ever since. Last week he asked me to marry him so we are planning a late summer wedding for 2008. Thanks Farmersonly.


Jun 17, 2007

Kiley met her match on FarmersOnly and soon married Nicholas!

My fiance, Nicholas, and I met on in early December 2005. I was moving to his area to begin a career with the Farm Bureau and his profile caught my eye. We e-mailed for over a month, talked on the phone and then met on January 15, 2006. We've been together ever since and on May 12, he proposed to me in the middle of a sugar cane field in Belle Glade, Florida. We are planning a country wedding in my hometown in Alabama and are so excited about our life together. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your site. He is such an incredible, genuine man. I've met my match, thanks to your site. We would like to invite you to our wedding June 16, 2007. Please contact us if you would like to attend. Have a blessed day!


Apr 21, 2007

Duane and Rebecca believed that they would never be able to meet if it wasn’t for FarmersOnly!

Duane and I met in the early spring of '06. I was browsing one day and came upon his profile and his beautiful smile was the first thing that caught my eye. I never thought we'd hit if off so well since I was from Eastern Canada and Duane was from the midwest US with 1000 miles between us. There was something there that made us both feel like we'd known the other person forever. We started chatting and the rest is history! We still have't missed a day...and on my birthday, after numerous flights, hundreds of emails and daily 3 hour phone calls, Duane proposed to me in the airport as I stepped off the plane. If it wasn't for we never would've been able to meet. We are both so thankful for this site and for how it has changed both our lives. A million thank yous!!! We're planning to marry next spring.


Mar 10, 2007

Another success story that they would never be able to meet if it wasn’t for FarmersOnly!

Duane and I met in the early spring of '06. I was browsing one day and came upon his profile and his beautiful smile was the first thing that caught my eye. I never thought we'd hit if off so well since I was from Eastern Canada and Duane was from the midwest US with 1000 miles between us. There was something there that made us both feel like we'd known the other person forever. We started chatting and the rest is history! We still have't missed a day...and on my birthday, after numerous flights, hundreds of emails and daily 3 hour phone calls, Duane proposed to me in the airport as I stepped off the plane. If it wasn't for we never would've been able to meet. We are both so thankful for this site and for how it has changed both our lives. A million thank yous!!! We're planning to marry next spring.


Sep 21, 2006

Debby signed up on FarmersOnly after she heard about the site and probably its success story!

I heard about your website over the weekend and could not wait to sign up. Finally I have hope that I may find someone who understands me; who I am and why I'm that way. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 30 days. I've tried M**, eH*****y, Tr* but all get me to men that don't understand why I don't hang out in town at the bars or why I turn into a pumpkin at 11 pm. Thank you, I have a good feeling about this site. May you be an overwhelming success in the rural community.


Aug 18, 2006

Another success story for Angi, thanks to FarmersOnly!

I am writing to tell you of another successful match thanks to I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, so imagine my surprise when I met someone from who was from my same small town, and what's even more amazing, we didn't even know each other, although we were both raised here. We talked via the computer for a week, and then a phone call, and then we met, and we've been together ever since. It was a perfect match! I could only imagine what "true love" was really like until I met Daryl. He's made every day a treasure. We have recently gotten engaged and plan on getting married this year. To be so in love with someone is such an awesome feeling, and this match would not have been possible without your online service. I can't imagine not spending my life with Daryl. We enjoy doing so many things-together. I've never been with someone that I enjoyed their company as I enjoy his. I just want to say "thank you" for starting where there were actually nice, honest, sincere people on there who were actually interested in a true relationship. "Green Acres" is the place to be! Farmersonly is the way to go!


Aug 18, 2006

Never thought that they would really find each other on FarmersOnly after having an unsuccessful trial on the other sites!

Brian and I met in November of 05. Neither one of us thought that we would really find anyone on this site because online dating had not worked well for in the past, but after seeing each others profiles and talking we realized we were wrong. We haven't missed a day yet! With me living in Michigan and Brian in Georgia there is no way we would have ever met without farmersonly. We plan to marry in August of 07. Thank you farmersonly! We owe it to you!

-FarmersOnly Member

Jul 14, 2006

Charlene thanked FarmersOnly for creating a site for meeting people and loved to recommend it to single friends!

Thank you so much for creating this site for meeting people! I have been dating one of the other members from this site that is the perfect match for me. Both of our moms had told us to go to FarmersOnly within days of each other and we were the first people to talk to each other on here and thanks for the free month of premium membership. We started talking and have been dating for a month now! I am falling in love with him because of how good of a man he is to me and my son. Thanks so much to your site, I am recommending it to all the single people I know that are into the country life or have a farm/ranch definitely!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!


May 26, 2006

Kathy says, she found a man she wanted to spend the rest of her life thru FarmersOnly!

Hi.. I've used your site for about 3 weeks, and I have to tell you.. you guys are the best.. Just after this short time, I think I've found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.. Thanks.. You're the best and thanks for making my life happy again!


Apr 8, 2006

Billie’s story proved that FarmersOnly is not only a dating site but also a place to find your perfect match!

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to join your site, and meet new of which I have fell in love with..who has also fell in love with me....we met in sept. 05, and wrote everday...he is such a wonderful man, and, without your site, we never would have found eachother... or this hapiness, my sincere thanks!


Mar 11, 2006

Wayne met people on FarmersOnly of similar interests!

Thank you for the site. I enjoy it. It's awesome to FINALLY meet people of similar interests!


Feb 22, 2006

FarmersOnly is also a place to meet good friends!

I just wanted to say thank you for offering this service to farmers and ag lovers all over! So far I have made a few good friends! Thanks again! You have eH*****y beat by a mile!


Feb 22, 2006

Barbara believes that FarmersOnly is a godsent site for may people!

Your establishing of this site just may have been a God-send for many people.


Jan 10, 2006

FarmersOnly is tagged as a first-class site for having genuine people as members!

Thanks for providing a first class service with genuine people as members. After only 2 months I met a great girl who shares my values and interests and things are goingwonderful.

-Very grateful in Ontario, Canada