April 27, 2022
By: Jerry Miller

7 Christian Dating Questions to Ask Your Match

Finding someone funny, attractive, and kind is one of the greatest feelings in the world; especially if you think you’re ready for a relationship. If you find potential in the connection and believe things could get more serious, it’s important to talk about some of the other factors you’re looking for in a relationship -- and when your faith is involved, it’s even more critical.

Wanting to know more about your match’s relationship with God can set the foundation for your connection, making it easier for you to open up and move forward. But what are the best questions to ask a Christian girl before dating? Do you have a list of Christian dating questions to ask a guy? Having a variety of queries handy can help you get to know your match on a deeper level and decide whether it makes sense to continue pursuing the relationship or move on to someone else with similar morals and beliefs.

Here are some of our favorite Christian questions to ask before dating:

1. How Is Your Relationship with Your Family?

Many Christians can agree that having a strong relationship with their family is an important aspect of life. Ask your match about life growing up, how it evolved over the years, and where they stand today. If your date doesn’t speak with their parents anymore, there may be an underlying issue that could impact your relationship in the future. Unresolved conflicts may be a red flag.

Also talk about their parents’ current relationship. Are they still married? Are they separated? Do they despise each other? A successful or faulty marriage can echo into childhood or adulthood, impacting your match positively or negatively. This is something to consider if you’ve been on a few dates and feel like you’re at a crossroads in the relationship.

2. How Is Your Relationship with God?

This may be one of the deeper questions you ask your match, but it can set the tone for the rest of your relationship depending on your faith and beliefs. Ask them when they became a Christian and when they decided to start worshiping God. This can give you a good idea of how important faith is and about whether they plan to pass along their wisdom and beliefs to their children. Understanding their spirituality can create a healthy framework for the rest of the relationship, deepening your connection even more.

3. What Is Your Favorite Bible Verse?

This is a fun one! Talking about the Bible can give you a different perspective on the Bible verses you know and love. Since everyone’s perception of Bible study is different, it’ll be interesting to learn how your match connects with the Bible and how heavily they rely on its lessons and wisdom.

Couple smiling and reading the Bible together

4. Do You Go to Church Frequently?

This is one of the most important Christian dating questions. Why? Because it can heavily impact how you interact during your relationship. If your match goes to church every Sunday and you go only a few times a month, you may have a hard time getting together on the weekends. On the other hand, maybe you enjoy going to church during the weeknights and your match prefers to talk to God and practice Christianity outside of church walls. Asking this question early on can help you get ahead of scheduling dates and other get-togethers.

5. Do You Pray Regularly?

A spiritual Christian dating question, asking your date how often they pray, can give you another inside look at how they balance their relationship with God. Perhaps they pray every night before bed or only when the urge comes to them. This can start an interesting conversation (just as long as your match is willing to open up about it) and could be something you have in common.

6. How Do You Maintain Purity in Your Life?

Another very important Christian question to ask before dating: What does purity mean to you, and how do you maintain it? This can give you an idea of how well your match is at setting boundaries, holding themselves accountable, and dating with a true purpose.

7. What Is Your Opinion on Sex Before Marriage?

If abstaining from sex before marriage is very important to you, this is something that you should share with your match during the initial stages of dating. The Bible is very clear about the importance of saving sex for after marriage, but this doesn’t necessarily mean your Christian match has followed this lead. Make sure you’re on the same page during the beginning of your dating relationship.

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